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Backing up system data to tape, floppy disk or other external medias has always been a solid option for keeping data integrity. However these medias can become lost, corrupt, unreadable and sometimes just plain go bad. Not to mention the need to swap in and out a new media every day/night and the fact that they are generally slow in backing up.

With more recent technologies available, New Center Consulting is now able to provide a Network Backup option for Legacy Management systems. This option provides just a few of the following advantages:
  • Local backups to a Macintosh or Windows workstation.
  • A Secure off-site location for the data to be stored is also an option. No need to worry about a system crash or bad media.
  • Automatic backups with no need to swap medias.
The backups are run automatically at your desired time (Midnight usually), throughout the week locally on the system and then backed up to a more secure network store. This is all configurable for Windows and Macintosh workstations.

Starting price is $695 for a backup setup and store. Our technicians will need access to the back office system and the desired workstation for initial setup. Please contact us for more information or ordering.