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The EVOLUTION system comes as a self-install kit which can be upgraded one lane pair at a time, without shutting down your center! 

The EVOLUTION system is the ONLY digital scoring upgrade available today. 
It works with most commercially available LCD TVs.  That means no more
waiting for overpriced, proprietary, unreliable scoring monitors.  Just run down
to the local electronics store for a replacement.  Plus, upgrading your overhead
scoring monitors will make such a difference, your customers will thank you!

Our PATENT-PENDING LCD mounting system is designed to make the upgrade process quick
and painless.  Mounts are UNIVERSAL and are available to fit nearly all commercially available
LCD TVs between 26" and 42" (larger available by special order).  No Installation is complete
without a seamless, clean looking bracket that makes the center look uniform.  New Center
Consulting can Arrange for installation, if you prefer to leave it to the Professionals.